Tag: RPG

First Impressions: Octopath Traveler

Mithrandiel tries to temper his excitement over Octopath Traveler by recalling memories of I Am Setsuna...but he's still hyped.

PAX West Spotlight: Lost…

Mithrandiel chats with Sam Hsieh regarding the latest title from Tokyo RPG Factory: Lost Sphear!

PAX West Spotlight: The…

Mithrandiel interviews Ian Moreno from The Behemoth regarding their latest title: Pit People!

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of…

One of Mithrandiel's highly anticipated titles of the year, Ys VIII, has arrived! See how the latest adventure of…

Valkyria Revolution (Review)

Mithrandiel shares his experience with Valkyria Revolution...and longingly awaits his turn at the guillotine.

Beginners Guide to Critical…

In her debut article, I.Am.No.Man. introduces the world of Critical Role, a weekly Dungeons and Dragons series produced by…

Convention Chronicles: Kingdom Con

In his debut article, Roguesymbiote shares his experience at Kingdom Con - a board game convention based out of…

NieR: Automata (Review)

Mithrandiel reviews the highly anticipated action-RPG title, NieR: Automata!

Video Game Review: The…

After waiting in a digital line for about 15 minutes, Mith dives right into Tom Clancy's "The Division"! Check…

Opinion – The Case…

Mithrandiel combats an often-repeated critique of modern games - that they've blurred the lines between film and game.

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