My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 5 (Review)

By: AlanV

Mithical Rating

Deku and his group focus on fending off Todoroki and his squad as the cavalry battle comes to an exciting conclusion. However, this isn’t the only matchup worth watching, as miniature battles continue to rage on throughout the arena. Quirks are on full display as all the students fight to secure their passage to the next round.

What feels like a missed opportunity is how Deku put Fumikage’s quirk to use in the battle. There is an interesting wrinkle to how it works that wasn’t previously revealed. It would have been interesting to see that unknown aspect be used to the shock of everyone else in the tournament.

Although the final positioning of most class 1-B is expected, the reasoning behind it isn’t. Class 1-A is obviously full of powerful students, but what sets them apart is their overwhelming desire to be the best. This aspect completely catches the other students off-guard, and it’s what ends up carrying Bakugo and his group to the next round.

Bakugo isn’t the only one being driven to be number one, though. Iida has a little hidden power up his sleeve that he’ll use in the face-off between team Deku and team Todoriki. This adds to the drama of the last few seconds of the competition.

It was a fun, fast paced episode and it was enjoyable to see the characters try and maximize the use of their quirks. The show also went out of its way to demonstrate that power isn’t the only thing necessary for being a hero, and in the most entertaining way possible. This is easily one of the most enjoyable episodes of the season so far, possibly the best one.

A nice subplot regarding Todoroki and a certain someone watching in the crowd is also developing, and it looks as if we’ll be learning more about in the next episode.

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