Mithical Entertainment Interviews: Ryan Morrison

By: Mithrandiel

Ryan Morrison is living the dream of many Millennials: he works as a lawyer…defending the rights of video game creators and owners. Many parents out there raise their child hoping that one day they would grow up to be a lawyer, while the kids just want to be paid to play video games all day. Mr. Morrison seems to have found a fantastic overlap of these two worlds with his specialized practice. Recently, Morrison partnered up with a veteran attorney Michael Lee to form Morrison/Leea law firm dedicated to representing eSports players, indie game developers and artists, and together they help educate content creators of all sorts on their digital rights. 


Mr. Morrison

Mr. Morrison

Mr. Morrison was kind enough to lend us some of his time recently to discuss his work and some of the major issues he encounters in working with a wide range of clients from world-class eSports athletes to content creators making their first mobile title. I was joined by The Jewphin (Elliot), who also practices law and therefore had some better questions than I did. Whether you’re a content creator yourself or just interested in the legality behind some of these products, take a listen to what he has to say:

You can follow Mr. Morrison on Twitter: @MrRyanMorrison, and feel free to use the link I provided above to reach out for a free consultation if you’re an artist or content creator with general questions!

That’s it for this week! Tune in next week when we sit down with Weldon Green, eSports psychology trainer!

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