Mighty Moms – Our Favorite Fictional Moms!

By: Mithrandiel

Happy Mother’s Day Mithical followers! Today I’ve got a few of the Mithical Entertainment staff calling out their favorite moms from either anime or video games. Whether the special woman in your life is biological or adoptive, an aunt or a treasured mentor…we salute Moms today! Let us know who some of your favorite moms are in the comments!

Mithrandiel: Sachiko Fujinuma (ERASED)

Kicking off our list is Sachiko Fujinuma – a tough-as-nails reporter who loves giving her son Satoru a hard time. Sachiko stands out as a fantastic mom for a number of reasons. First, Sachiko always has her son’s back. Even after Satoru is sent back 18 years for the main “revival” of the series, she is keenly aware that something isn’t quite right, but also takes the time to listen to his concerns and explanations. Satoru’s ability to trust his mom and confide in her made it much easier for him to try and outmaneuver the serial killer that plagued the town. Second, Sachiko welcomes Satoru’s friends with open arms. We all knew a mom like this – her house became our house. She had the same level of concern for the other kids as she did for Satoru, and used her status as an adult to help make sure they were safe. Finally, her selflessness is beautifully displayed in the closing episodes as she cares for Satoru in her apartment on life support for 14 years, exercising his legs and never giving up hope that one day he would wake up. A fierce mom with sarcasm, humor, heart, and a self-sacrificing spirit, Sachiko is a fantastic anime mom!

Roguesymbiote: Bulma (Dragonball)

Bulma is not only a great mom, but is possibly one of the most important characters is Dragon Ball Z. Without her, there would be no dragon radar to quickly find the dragon balls. Heroes and entire planets might not exist without her help. She was able to whip the Prince of all Saiyans, destroyer of worlds, into a family man who takes his son to the park. She even builds a time machine to alter reality! Here’s to you Bulma, Trunks is one lucky son.

EyeSpyeAlex: Chi-Chi (Dragonball)

One of my favorite anime moms is Chi-Chi from the Dragonball series. She’s a strong and fearless matriarch for her family. While she can seem nagging and over-protective at times, it’s only because she deeply cares for her husband and sons. I’m sure it can’t be easy raising and being married to Saiyans, especially ones which are always caught up in saving the world. Still, she makes sure they have time for more human tasks, such as homework and driving lessons. As a kid, I always found her to be sort of annoying; who makes their kid do homework when they could be saving the world? As an adult, I can appreciate her trying to raise her family with some sort of normalcy.

ThunderHeavyArm: Toriel (Undertale)

So it’s been some time since Undertale was the spotlight of the internet, but the memories still persist. The best memory I have of that game is Toriel. The goat lady who saves you from a murderous flower and walks you through trap laden ruins. Then to top it off, she makes you butterscotch and cinnamon pie. It’s always heart breaking when your character has to leave the ruins to play the game and you must bid her a fond farewell, not unlike a mom saying goodbye to a child going to college. Well…unless you went the genocide route and killed her. Then it’s more like Lizzie Borden. Regardless, this is my all time favorite game mom. Happy Mother’s day Toriel!

I.Am.No.Man: Linda Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)

Dear Linda Belcher,
Happy Mother’s Day you special sunflower. Thank you for teaching us to embrace our quirks, live life like it’s your favorite musical, and love your family like there’s no tomorrow. You deserve to be treated like the rockstar diva you are. Way to embrace your children for the individuals they are and let them shoot for the stars. Bob and the family are truly blessed to be in your presence. Stay beautiful and live that fancy life you’ve always wanted.


Who are we missing? Make sure to share your thoughts on the best anime and video game moms!

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