Dropzone: Interview with Jason Coleman

By: Scarlette

In case you geeks missed our Pax West 2016 cover, I had the great joy of playing the Dropzone beta. Sadly, my mic had died so I wasn’t able to record my interview/demo session but the awesome folks over at SparkyPants studios did us a one up and managed to squeeze in an interview with Jason Coleman, the GM and president of Sparkypants. Frankly, I was kinda freaking out that Jason took the time to sit and and talk with me, in depth about his team’s current project, Dropzone. Honestly, it’s no secret I love this game since laying hands on the demo at PAX and I hope you guys are loving it too! If you haven’t had the chance yet, you need to check it out here.

Get registered for the beta and play this perfect game of MOBA/RTS goodness.

Enjoy the interview below with Jason, getting to know more about Dropzone, how it came about, and what Sparkypants has in store for Dropzone’s future.

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