Video Games

Mithical Entertainment Interviews: Alejandra Reynoso

Mithrandiel talks with Alejandra Reynoso regarding her work as Sypha on the recent Netflix hit: Castlevania.

Mithical Entertainment Interviews: Sam Deats, Adam Deats & Spencer Wan on Bringing Castlevania to Life

Mithrandiel interviews Castlevania directors Samuel and Adam Deats, as well as animation director Spencer Wan!

BF1 In the Name of the Tsar Interview from E3 2017

Interview with a BF1 developer about the upcoming expansion titled In the Name of the Tsar. Find out about Russian weapons, unknown war stories, and more.

Kickstarter Spotlight: Shardbound by Spiritwalk Games

Mithrandiel interviews a handful of staff from Spiritwalk Games about their upcoming title, Shardbound!

Kickstarter Spotlight/Interview No Mercy: For Lorne Hope

Mithrandiel chats with producer Cody Starcher and artist Katie from Multivarious games about their kickstarter project: No Mercy: For Lorne Hope!

Kickstarter Spotlight: Sundered

Mithrandiel interviews William Dubé, head of Thunder Lotus games, regarding their recent Kickstarter project: Sundered.

Hey, Listen! – A Closer Look at the North American Conference on Video Game Music

Mithrandiel interviews William Gibbons from the North American Conference on Video Game Music about their conference and the industry at large.

Tiny Build, Big Games: An Interview with Alex Nichiporchik

Mithrandiel interviews Tiny Build CEO Alex Nichiporchik about the highly anticipated title "Hello Neighbor", as well as the zany (and gruesome) Guts & Glory

TwitchCon Spotlight: Black Shell Media

Mithrandiel interviews Raghav Mathur about his company - Black Shell Media, which takes on indie game production and marketing.

Dropzone: Interview with Jason Coleman

Scarlette chats with Jason Colemon, GM and President of Sparkpants, about the competitive RTS game Dropzone!