Youtube Stars And Concert Halls: Let’s Play Live and Entertainment in the Internet Age

Mithrandiel discusses the evolution of the entertainment industry in the internet age. Now that YouTube stars are selling out theaters, what's next for the medium?

Lost In Spaces: Google’s New Social App Has Yet To Win Me Over

Google's new iOS & Android social offering lacks a story of its own. Will users stick to Spaces or pass it off as yet another failed attempt?

Fitbit Buys Coin. But Can They Endure?

In this week's tech spotlight, Kirk reflects on Fitbit's acquisition of the all-in-one payment card, Coin.

Viv is Coming: The Most Intelligent Assistant We Have Ever Seen

Kirk takes a closer look at Viv, an upcoming virtual assistant that's poised to make Siri and Cortana look, well, unintelligent.

Nintendo President Reveals Plans for Mobile Device Software, Future “NX” Platform During Fiscal Results 2016

Kirk takes a look at Nintendo's plans for FY 2016, and what it might mean for the company.

Microsoft: Transforming from a Legacy PC Brand to a Platform Agnostic Software Powerhouse

Today Kirk takes a look at Microsoft's recent software releases, including a highly functional keyboard for iOS called "Word Flow".

Announcement: More Ways to Enjoy Mithical Entertainment!

Mithrandiel has some exciting announcements about additional ways to enjoy our content!

What Are Bots, and Are They The Future?

Today, Kirk Douglas takes a look at bots. What are they? Why have they proliferated so quickly in the last few years? How will they impact our future? See what he has to say!

Tesla, the Brand: How Elon Musk is Inspiring Ownership

Kirk discusses Tesla's image as a brand, and how their latest release showcases the unique culture and excitement around their cars that is unusual within the industry.

From the Web: Humans Need Not Apply

This week, Kirk examines the rapidly evolving field of AI through the lens of "Humans Need Not Apply" - a thought provoking short documentary.

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