Journal of an Anime Newcomer Part 2

RogueSymbiote makes his return with the latest update on his Anime journey! Check out which Anime blew him away and which ones just blew...

Finding Cosplay at Boston Comic Con

Resident photographer Aperture.ISO showcases the cosplay highs and lows captured and experienced while at Boston Comic Con

Gamescom 2017 – Xbox

AlanV recaps the Xbox event at Gamescom 2017!

Dream Daddy: Arli’s Journey to Dadhood (Moving Day)

Arli charts her journey into Game Grumps latest title: Dream Daddy - a Dad Dating Simulator!

Journal of an Anime Newcomer

RogueSymbiote begins to catalogue his journey into the world of anime - feel free to tag along!

How Nickelodeon Nostalgia Stole My Comic-Con

Zero Omega recaps the major announcements from Nickelodeon at this years San Diego Comic Con!

TheJewphin Raves About: Castlevania and Netflix

TheJewphin raves about Castlevania's season length and the benefits of a streaming service that does not require uniformity.

Convention Chronicles: Kingdom Con

In his debut article, Roguesymbiote shares his experience at Kingdom Con - a board game convention based out of San Diego!

Editorial: Ramblings In The Arena

Miak shares his experience of spending the last 7+ years in various MOBAs including League of Legends and DOTA 2.

On Dialogue Wheels

Miak examines the value of good dialogue in video games, and why it seems so hard to find, in his latest opinion piece!

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