TwitchCon Spotlight: Black Shell Media

Mithrandiel interviews Raghav Mathur about his company - Black Shell Media, which takes on indie game production and marketing.

TwitchCon Spotlight: Trion Worlds

Mithrandiel interviews Evan Berman from Trion Worlds about the concept surrounding their booth at TwitchCon and upcoming updates/releases from the company.

TwitchCon Spotlight: GameWisp

Mithrandiel interviews Gamewisp CEO and co-founder Michael Anderson about their unending mission to help streamers make money doing what they love.

TwitchCon Spotlight: Extra Life

Mithrandiel interviews Michael Kinney, director of Extra Life - a charity program that helps raise money for children's hospitals by playing video games!

TwitchCon Spotlight: Liquid Sky

Mithrandiel interviews Ian McLoughlin -founder and CEO of Liquid Sky. This service allows you to use a high end computer via the cloud. Never upgrade again!

RWBY Volumes 1-3: Beacon Steelbook Review

Scarlette reviews the steelbook collection of RWBY seasons 1-3 from Rooster Teeth!

Playstation Meeting 2016 – Live Updates!

Mithrandiel covers the Playstation Meeting 2016 - what does Sony have up their sleeve this year?

Anime Expo – The Premier Experience (Part 2): Decisions…Decisions…

Mithrandiel continues to document his premier fan Anime Expo experience by sharing his difficulties in planning out the weekend ahead.

Youtube Stars And Concert Halls: Let’s Play Live and Entertainment in the Internet Age

Mithrandiel discusses the evolution of the entertainment industry in the internet age. Now that YouTube stars are selling out theaters, what's next for the medium?

Opinion: As Xbox Merges With PC, Gamers Are in For a Wild Ride

Microsoft blurs the lines between console and PC after this year's E3 conference - how will the Xbox evolve in the face of these changes? Our newest contributor, AlanV, talks it out.
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