Anime Boston

Anime Boston Interview Series: Shingo Natsume

Our Anime Boston coverage continues as EyeSpyeAlex sits down with the director of One Punch Man and ACCA 13, Shingo Natsume!

Anime Boston Interview Series: Brina Palencia

Our Anime Boston coverage continues as EyeSpyeAlex sits down in an interview with voice actor and director, Brina Palencia!

Anime Boston Interview Spotlight: Christopher Sabat

The Anime Boston Interview Spotlight series concludes with Christopher Sabat! EyeSpyeAlex chats with the Prince of Saiyans about his career!

Anime Boston Interview Series: Robbie Daymond

Think we're out of interviews? Think again! EyeSpyeAlex continues her Anime Boston Interview series with Robbie Daymond!

Anime Boston Interview Series: Sandy Fox

EyeSpyeAlex continues her Anime Boston interview series with Sandy Fox - seasoned voice actress and entertainer!

Anime Boston Interview Series: Patrick Seitz

EyeSpyeAlex chats with veteran voice actor Patrick Seitz about his successful career.

Anime Boston Interview Series: Lisa Ortiz

The Anime Boston Interview Series continues with Lisa Ortiz! EyeSpyeAlex explores some of Lisa's work in anime and video game voice acting.

Anime Boston Interview Series: Johnny Yong Bosch

Our Anime Boston Interview series is here! EyeSpyeAlex kicks things off with Johnny Yong Bosch as he discusses his voice acting career.

Anime Boston 2017: Fandom Above All

New kid on the block and resident photographer Aperture.ISO uses photos to convey the most important part of Anime Boston 2017: fans.

Anime Boston 2017: Sunday and Overall Con Recap

All good things must come to an end. EyeSpyeAlex takes us through Sunday's events and provides us with her overall experience at Anime Boston 2017.
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