Box Sets

Fruits Basket Sweet Sixteen Anniversary Edition (Review)

Funimation has decided to re-release anime classic Fruits Basket in a Sweet Sixteen Anniversary Edition! EyeSpyeAlex reviews the show and boxset!

Review: Record of Lodoss War OVA Blu-ray/DVD + Chronicles of the Heroic Knight

Zero Omega reviews the recent re-release of Record of Lodoss War: a quintessential anime series that provides a standard for high fantasy anime.

Boxset Review: Chihayafuru, Season One

Rae reviews the season one boxset of Chihayafuru - a lovely series about a young girl and her teammates as they make their way in the world of competitive karuta.

Assassination Classroom Season Two Part Two (Review)

It's graduation time for E Class! Will they pass or fail? EyeSpyeAlex takes us through it in her review of the final part of Assassination Classroom!

Boxset Review: Snow White with the Red Hair, Part 1

Once upon a time there lived a young woman with red hair and a handsome prince... Check out Rae's review of Snow White with the Red Hair, Part 1!

Review: And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? BluRay/DVD Limited Edition Combo Set

Zero Omega reviews the blu-ray release of the fantasy/comedy series And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?

Hyouka – The Complete Series (Part One) Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Review

Zero Omega reviews Hyouka - a slice of life/romance series that centers around a school literature club and a very lazy protagonist.

Seraph of the End: Season 1 Part 2 (Review)

Secret experiments, vampires and cursed demon weapons that drink blood?!... Count me in! RogueSymbiote reviews Seraph of the End Season 1 Part 2

KanColle: Kantai Collection Blu-ray (Review)

AlanV shares his thoughts on the KanColle: Kantai blu ray set from Funimation!

Samurai Warriors: The Complete Series (Review)

Two brothers square off in the ultimate battle for honor and peace! RogueSymbiote reviews Samurai Warriors: The Complete Series

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