Anime Boston 2017: Sunday and Overall Con Recap

By: EyeSpyeAlex

Sunday at Anime Boston brought a few interviews, and even fewer panels. However, this wasn’t unwelcome as it allowed me to take it easy. Below is my recap of the panel I attended on Sunday, as well as my overall convention experience.

20 Manga Recommendations for Grown Ups Panel

This panel was really cool as it provided a lot of insight on manga I hadn’t heard of before. Fitting the retro theme of the con, the host provided attendees with names and information regarding twenty-two retro manga titles aimed towards adults. Genres for the manga ranged from comedy, dad fiction, horror, police action, and fanservice. Within these twenty-two were manga that had a variety of different volumes out in circulation, some spanning decades. Below is the complete list of manga provided in the panel:

  1. Lupin the Third
12. Dance Til Tomorrow
2. Golgo 13 13. Pink
3. Blackjack 14. Tropic of the Sea
4. From Eroica with Love 15. Gunsmith Cats
5. Path of the Assassin 16. Golden Boy
6. Domu: A Child’s Dream 17. Blade of the Immortal
7. Cooking Papa 18. Helter Skelter
8. Ghost in the Shell 19. Salaryman Kintaro
9. Madbull 34 20. Great Teacher Onizuka
10. You’re Under Arrest 21. Uzamaki
11. Ah My Goddess 22. 20th Century Boys

Overall Con Experience

Overall, I had a wonderful time at Anime Boston. The panels and guests were great, and being able to attend so many premieres made me feel like I was getting the most I could out of my pass. Anime Boston is such a unique experience because everyone is there for the same reason: their love of anime and nerdy things. I didn’t see anyone frowning, and everyone I interacted with exuded excitement. Anime Boston is one of the few east coast conventions I’ve been to where everyone is genuinely happy a majority of the time. I hope the convention staff and attendees never lose that sense of wonder and camaraderie that I felt all weekend, and I look forward to attending future conventions.

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